Buy. Enjoy. Sell.

Whether you’re buying or selling, time is money  especially in the luxury yacht market.

Days on market are often measured in years. Savvy buyers buy early if value is perceived high. Otherwise, they tend to buy deep in the cycle after frustration forces many owners into repeated price reductions.

Boathouse Auctions provides an alternative. Our approach facilitates time-sensitive yacht auctions that limit risk and maximize returns with a transparent, turn-key process that puts the control back in your hands.

May the highest bidder win.

"As a seller, the lack of a pending event plus the extended due diligence a buyer requires creates a buyer-advantaged process. Boathouse Auctions has successfully and politely modified the approach to bring this archaic process into the 21st century. I am thrilled with the result"
Ed L., former owner
75' Molokai Strait 2006
"As the carrying costs of larger yachts can be significant, days on market are costly. By offering Altitude Adjustment II through Boathouse Auctions, the finite timeline of the auction process serves as a motivation to prospective buyers and as an asset to owners in terms of time and cost savings"
Craig M., former owner
106' Broward 2006
"I praise Boathouse Auctions for leading me to the successful close of the boat I'd never before considered"
Rick G., buyer (current owner)
58' Vicem 2004

Sample Auction Timeline

Below is a sample six-week auction timeline. The actual timeline is determined by the listing broker and owner, and can be longer or shorter depending upon particular needs.


100' Giorgetti & Magrini 1989

Baltimore, MD
Bidding Closed | Available For Offers


The 1926 Nathanael Herreshoff NY40 MARILEE underwent a complete restoration by French & Webb in Belfast, Maine. This two-year-plus restoration was a collaborative effort of many artisans, engineers, curators and crew whose passion to the project were beyond compare.

Interviews with 106′ Broward 2006 owner Craig Morris, Captain Rick Sandstrom, and Listing Broker Jason Dunbar of Luke Brown Yachts

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