Sometimes it just takes too long to sell a yacht. That’s why we built Boathouse Auctions — a deliberately different approach to yacht sales that solves the problem of time and addresses the limitations imposed by the traditional yacht sales model. As the selling of a yacht is held by the reins of money, emotion, taste, and human subjectivity, market inefficiencies prove costly to sellers. By bringing buyers together, at the same time, we produce a competitive market-driven outcome through a time-certain, forty-day process, with downside protection. In other words, we deliver in days what otherwise often takes years.

Vessels that sell within the first few months on market are the fortunate few. Many owners face unexpected and extended market durations. Boathouse Auctions helps owners sell quickly to eliminate the inherent carrying, opportunity, depreciation, and inflation costs while delivering a better net outcome.


Time is the enemy of the seller. Every day your vessel is on the market it accrues costs and depreciates in value. Our unique time-sensitive bidding approach eliminates stale listings and further price reductions to yield the highest possible return in a process that takes six weeks or less.  

Boathouse Auctions creates a sense of urgency for the savvy, sit-and-wait patient buyer. The approach necessitates due diligence prior to bidding and has a finite timeline. Control is placed back in your hands as the auction runs on your terms and your timeline. 

  • FRUSTRATED AND FATIGUED: You own a high-quality vessel, it seems to be priced right, and further price reductions are unappealing. 
  • BUSINESS-MINDED: A sale could happen in a day - or a year. You’re willing to discount some carrying costs in exchange for a six-week solution.
  • HARD TO PRICE: You own a well-built and unique vessel, it’s not well-known in local waters, and it’s hard to assess fair value.
  • MANY INTERESTED: Multiple interested and qualified parties - yet they lack urgency. Our time-sensitive approach drives urgency and improved returns.
  • SYNCHRONIZED TRADES: When you have an eye on a new vessel, but you don’t want to hold both. We help synchronize the timing of trades.
  • SPECIAL SITUATIONS: Recently experienced a death in the family, divorce, illness, etc., and you want to sell faster than the natural pace of the market.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Boathouse Auctions

75' Molokai Strait 2006

As a seller, the lack of a pending event plus the extended due diligence a buyer requires creates a buyer-advantaged process. Boathouse Auctions has successfully and politely modified the approach to bring this archaic process into the 21st century. I am thrilled with the result.

Ed Lipkin, Former owner
106' Broward 2006

As the carrying costs of larger yachts can be significant, days on market are costly. By offering Altitude Adjustment II through Boathouse Auctions, the finite timeline of the auction process serves as a motivation to prospective buyers and as an asset to owners in terms of time and cost savings.

Craig Morris, Former owner
58' Vicem 2004

I praise Boathouse Auctions for leading me to the successful close of the boat I'd never before considered.

Rick Gard, Buyer

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